The World’s Strangest Religions

The World’s Strangest Religions

The vast majority of the populations of the world subscribe to some kind of belief system. At the top lie Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. This is only a fraction of the religions that have been a part of our species, as we’ve believed in a higher power from long before recorded history.

Today, there are thousands of religions and belief systems around the world, often characterised by their region and culture. There are also a few, however, that seem so out of the ordinary that some might have difficulty believing they’re even real. These are some of the weirdest religion of today’s world.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn

The unicorn, a horse that’s believed to possess supernatural powers, is the focus of this belief system, which was created by a group of atheists as a way of discrediting other religions. Here, members worship a pink, invisible unicorn who they believe created the entire universe, and many of the members spend their time arguing as to whether the unicorn steals people’s socks or not.


Set in a similar vein, Pastafarianism is the belief that the universe was not created by a unicorn, but rather by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This is a religion that was first created in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, who did it as a form of social protest. While many have rejected this belief system as a true religion, under the constitution of the USA, all religions are valid, and it’s even possible to become an ordained priest of Pastafarianism. They believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the world 5000 years ago after drinking too much.


Born from the incredibly popular Star Wars franchise, Jediism means to subscribe to the ways and teachings of the Jedi, who are seen as the mobile and protective guardians of the innocents within the Star Wars universe. Here, believers agree that the universe is controlled by the Force, which is energy that can be found throughout the cosmos, in every living being.


Elvis Presley is one of the greatest musicians who ever lived, and it was unfortunate that we lost him so young. But there is one system of belief, known as Presleytarianism, who worship him as St. Elvis. Here, members will look toward the city of Las Vegas once a day and should make a pilgrimage to the city at least once in their lives, specifically to Graceland, although many would also take the chance to play now on the different games around. There are a total of 31 different commandments in the religion, all of which pertain to some kind of the rock star’s life, such as what he ate and smoked.


Scientology is followed by millions of people throughout the globe, including a few of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrities. The religion is relatively new, having been started in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard as part of a famous book that he wrote. Here, it’s believed that humans are immortal beings that were brought to the earth by Xenu, a dictator of a Galactic Federation.

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