The Pantheon of Major Greek Gods

The Pantheon of Major Greek Gods

The Greek gods were the deities within ancient Greek religion and mythology, and were personified as human-like entities that inhabited Mount Olympus.

These gods were not the benevolent, kind, and all-knowing beings that we imagine a god would be today, but rather vengeful, violent, petty, and insane incarnations of a tumultuous universe before the invention of modern science and the understanding that came with it.

The ancient Greeks used created these gods as personifications of the parts of nature they could not directly explain, and worshipped them both out of admiration and fear.

Their fear of the gods meant constantly towing the line, and much like real slots NZ, it was a perpetual gamble for them. With that in mind, these are the 12 major gods in the Greek pantheon.


Chief deity of Mount Olympus, Zeus is the oldest brother of Poseidon and Hades, and together they escaped their father Kronos before eventually returning to kill him and take over as leaders of the heavens and the Earth – with Zeus in charge.


Next in line behind Zeus is the god of horses and earthquakes, and was the father to Pegasus and the Cyclops Polyphemus.


The ruler of the underworld that shared the same name as him, Hades was the god of the dead, and husband to Demeter.


Often seen as responsible for protecting livestock, Hermes was associated with deception, luck, fertility, and music.

He is also often referred to as the messenger god.


Both sister and wife to Zeus, Hera was the queen goddess of Mount Olympus, and was known as being merciless when it came to her husband’s many conquests, many of whom she punished unfairly.


Born to a mortal mother but as the son of Zeus, Dionysus was the god of intoxication, ritual sacrifice, and sex.

He was often symbolised as a bull due to his association with sacrificing animals.


An agricultural goddess, and mother to Persephone, Demeter was stolen away by Hades to be his bride in the underworld.


Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis and a son of Zeus. He was also one of the most important gods in the pantheon, with his worship stretching across most of the country.


Areas is fairly well known as the god of war, he was one of the least popular gods among the deities, and was highly regarded by the famous Spartan warriors.


The goddess of the hunt, Artemis was often shown with a hunting dog. She was most associated with huntresses of the living world.


Sister to Ares, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, and reason. She was created from the forehead of Zeus, and was a major figure in the Odyssey.

Where she instructed Odysseus, as well as Heracles and Perseus.


Known as the goddess of beauty, sex, and love, she was said to have been formed from the severed testicles of her father, Uranus.

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