Top Facts About The Church Of Satan

Top Facts About The Church Of Satan

Ethics have long been a part of religions, both ancient and modern, and many cultures base their ethical standards on the religions that they adopt. The Western views on ethics, specifically good and evil, stem from the Christian religion, where God is seen as the ultimate good, and the Devil, also known as Satan, is represented as the personification of evil, and causes much of the suffering in the world.

The Church of Satan is a religious organisation that’s based in the United States.

It was started by the infamous Anton LaVey in 1966 and was the creation of a man that had long been fascinated by the occult. LaVey, who once worked as a ghostbuster of sorts, became something of a minor celebrity in the 1950s, and it didn’t take long for him to take his own beliefs and make them real with the invention of the Church of Satan.

1. The Church of Satan Is About Atheism

It’s easy to believe that the Church of Satan would be about worshipping Satan in much the same way that Christians worship God, but this isn’t the case.

The Church Of Satan actually represents the idea that man creates his own gods, not the other way around, and that man should instead focus on themselves and gaining what they want through their own desires and will. It’s important to move away from worship and instead be more about the ego and even selfishness to a degree.

3. The Satanic Bible Still Prints

The Satanic Bible contains all the tenets of the Church of Satan as well as LaVey’s belief system.

He created the work and released it in 1969, and it has been in print every year since. It has been sold more than a million times since its release, and has been revised into 30 different editions over the years, making it one of the most popular modern books of all time, and great to read between rounds of betting at

3. There Are Wedding Ceremonies

Thanks to the right to practise any religion within the US, the Church of Satan and its members are fully within the law to hold recognised wedding ceremonies.

In fact, one of the first ceremonies that the Church performed was between Judith Case and John Raymond in 1967, and it was met with great criticism and controversy at the time.

4. LaVey Fought For Animals

It’s common for people to believe that Satan worshippers are the first to sacrifice goats and other animals to whichever deity they believe in, but this not something that the Church of Satan condones. In fact, LaVey is well-known as an animal rights activistic, and it’s even in the bible itself that we are no different from the animals that we share the world with.

5. Science Fiction Writers

Some of the first members to join the Church were actually prominent Sci-fi writers and publishers, such as August Derletch, Reginald Bretnor and Forrest J. Ackerman. The Church has always been something of a haven for those that had a fondness for the esoteric.

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