Bizarre Religions That Baffle & Amaze

Bizarre Religions That Baffle & Amaze

For many people, religion can be an immense source of comfort. Not only does it provide a sense of morality and higher guidance, but to many, it also constitutes a sense of connection, togetherness, and community because of shared experiences.

While most religions incorporate practices and beliefs that are easy to comprehend in terms of being uplifting to their followers, some of the world’s religions are outright bizarre.

Below are just some of our planet’s more out-of-this-world religions not that often encountered or understood.

The Church Of Euthanasia

This church seems to have been born solely from an exponential rise in population and depletion of resources.

This is no ordinary church. In fact, one of its main commandments is to “save the planet by killing yourself”. And that’s not the weirdest of its commandments by a long shot.


Founded in 1974 by one Claude Vorilhon, Raëlism teaches that a human-like species of extra-terrestrial beings were responsible for the beginnings of the human race.

Raëlism refers to these extra-terrestrial founders as Elohim, and teaches that Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed are all just Prophets of a greater Deity. They also believe that Elohim will one day return to their people. For this to happen, humans must however first become ready and peaceful.

The Body Of Christ

This religion makes our list of unusual belief systems because of its denial of everything from education and government to medicine, science, and even entertainment.

They’re considered a pseudo-Christian cult because of their belief in the healing power of faith.

The religion hit a snag when in 2002, their pastor and his wife were arrested and charged with murder for starving their child.

The religion continues to attract followers and is as popular as the sites recommended by


Even though people remain unbelieving of any stories involving vampires that claim to be based on fact or real events, the followers of Vampirism believe in drinking blood as a way to salvation.

Some Vampirism followers engage in the actual drinking of blood from humans or animals, while other members of the religion class themselves as psychic vampires feeding only on somebody else’s aura.

Cao Dai

The Coa Dai is mainly a political religion. Formed as an army during Japanese occupation of Vietnam, the religion teaches that there are 36 levels of Heaven.

They also believe that there are 72 planets inhabited by intelligent life, with Planet No. 1 closest to Heaven, and Planet No. 72 closest Hell.

Earth, they believe, is Planet No. 68.

The Aetherius Society

This particular religion has an interesting origin, as it was founded by George King as recently as the 1950s. King founded his religion by combining ideas from several other mainstream religions – including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

He claims he formed his religion after he was approached by extra-terrestrial beings called Aetherius. The religion states its mandate to be that of being dedicated to the advanced teachings of intelligent beings from outer space.


Founded by brothers Daniel and Barney Jones in 2008, Jediism was inspired by none other than George Lucas’ million-dollar creation, Star Wars.

Perhaps not surprisingly, followers are encouraged to remain aware of the “dark side”, which is a force propagating fear and hate.

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