Superstitions About Good Luck for Gamblers

Superstitions About Good Luck for Gamblers

Are you superstitious at all? If you don’t think so, you’re not alone, as most of us deny the label. But maybe you’ve found yourself knocking on wood once or twice, or crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? For every person who doesn’t take these kinds of beliefs seriously, there is someone who does, and the practices linked to getting lucky spring from many cultures.

A Range of Ways to Bring Good Luck

Gamblers are widely held to be the most superstitious of us all, and there are many different examples of this kind of faith with players and bettors alike.

They take different forms, with some people getting attached to physical objects, others following specific routines, and still others sticking with particular numbers or colours. It doesn’t matter whether they are playing a Craps game at a glamorous land-based casino, or remotely enjoying the Wellington Cup via online sports betting sites, the rules for getting the attention of Lady Luck apply across the board.

The Lucky Colour Red

The theory that red is an auspicious colour originated in Asia, and, since it’s the shade of prosperity in this part of the world, it brings good luck to those who wear it.

You’ll frequently see gamblers in the East wearing red shoes or trousers, or they may have scarlet underwear on, and Macau honours this belief by outfitting vermillion rooms for these players.

Don’t Ever Cross Your Legs

If you’re playing card games, take note of how you’re sitting, since some say that crossing your legs cancels any good luck that may otherwise have been headed your way. Don’t cross your fingers, either, as this may spell misfortune for you.

To Leave the Table or Not To

Many players believe that leaving the table during a casino game, or even just looking away, will help them snag a win. Others think that it’s lucky to hide their screen as they’re playing at online casinos.

But there are also those that feel that the exact opposite is true, and this group says that even just glancing away interferes with the game and brings bad luck down on the player who does this.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Western culture has a strong belief in the bad luck attached to the number 13, which is why many hotels are missing a 13th floor, and room numbers hop from 12 to 14.

This fear of the numeral extends to gambling, too, and players are particularly aware of 13 in Roulette. Asians, however, hold the opposite to be true, and actively seek this number out.

The number 7, on the other hand, symbolises prosperity and success, and it enjoys a very special status for gamblers, particularly those who enjoy Blackjack..

They’re Worth a Shot!

Superstitions may be total nonsense, but they may well work, too. The truth is, you’ll never know unless you give them a try, and what’s the harm?

While there is no guarantee that following any of these little rituals will see you boosting your bankroll, the fact remains that they could, so they’re worth considering when you enjoy games of luck and chance!

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