Two Of The Top Canadian Creation Myths

Two Of The Top Canadian Creation Myths

The First Nations of Canada have a proud oral tradition through which they passed down different religious stories, ancient beliefs, and legends through the generations. Not only do these oral histories describe how they believe the world was first created, the stories also contain guidelines regarding how they believe people should live and behave in society. Two of their unique creation stories are found below.

Creation Stories

The Canadian First Nations have many different tribes and branches, each of which believes a slightly different creation story. For the Iroquoian-speaking Haudenosaunee First People, the creation myth begins with the story of the Sky Woman.

High above the world we know today there once was an island floating in the sky filled with the people of the sky, known as Sky World. One day a pregnant sky woman fell through a hole from the sky land above and down through the darkness, until she reached our world and saw the vast waters below her.

Numerous animals of our world watched as she descended, and as they tried to puzzle out what it was approaching them, the birds of the air fly up to her to try and slow her descent. The sky woman lands on the back of a Great Turtle. Various animals start to help her out and bring mud from the bottom of the ocean and patted on the turtles back to create land for her to dwell on. With the various plants that she brought back from the land above her, she decided to continue living down below, and became the Great Mother of the Haudenosaunee.

Glooscap is the creator of the tribes of Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot and Abenaki, who are found within the Atlantic region. Their origin belief is that two twins, Glooscap also spelt Kluskap (good) and Malsm (weak) were sent to Earth in a Stone Canoe from the Sky World. When the twins landed their canoe magically transformed into land. The twin sets about populating the land around them and created a variety of fairy folk, animals, and birds from the dirt.

One of the first creations made by Glooscap was humans who were formed from four different white Ash trees that Glooscap shot arrows into. After various adventures and misadventures, Glooscap was forced to kill his evil brother, and he then departed our world. Before he left, so mankind could grow without his watchful gaze, he told the tribes that they could find him again if they looked hard enough.

Traditional Oral Stories

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